Watching the latest episode of our show i thought to myself: revelation, my fingers are actually crabsticks. If you stare closely (or even not too closely) you can totally tell. Am I right. Throwback to primary four and I was my piano teacher’s worst nightmare, couldnt hit octaves and scales and all that jazz because my fingers were too short. Ah well. Drea and I recently shot an episode for That F Word: Accessories, where we yabber on about our bling bling, which is essentially a collection of mishmash metals over the years that i’ve stared at in shops and gone hm yeah this is totally gonna be a wardrobe staple… and proceed to buy them and never wear them again. Which explains why I look like ive got so much stuff.

I’m actually quite pleased with this episode, besides the fact that i look like a fishball in it. Which everyone has been pointing out in the comments- except, guys, how come everyone notices things like these but NO ONE NOTICED I CUT MY HAIR?! Ah well life.

Anyway the white quilted bag i’m toting is a recent favorite c/o bagcharmlove, looks so tiny but really it fits my wallet, phone, planner, a small camera, and a novel- which is really all i need. Strangely enough one of my other white bags at home kind of disintegrated (don’t look at me, it just started falling apart on its own lol) so this was a timely arrival, been carrying it to death of late, and with it i’ve been through three murakamis, one kazuo ishiguro, two gaimans and one atwood. Not bad breaking in for a new bag.


PS. Ive just watched Now you see me in theaters and it was truly terrible, plot completely didn’t make sense, the magic shows were so shiny and dazzly but thats about it, don’t say i didn’t warn you guys.