Hi guys
I was going to start off the post by apologizing for the lack of posts/ launch into a tirade of how school life + hell week makes it really difficult for me to blog, at all, but you know what, lets all not pretend that you guys have missed me and it will be less awkward for us all.

But seriously, the past week/couple of weeks/month/SEMESTER has been hell week, all assignments and work and MMC events deciding to take the same shuttle bus over. It’s legitimately just been working on school assignments:

Going for class at my gorgeous school of art, design and media where i take my second major in art history (lol seriously i act all cool n shit pretending to be one of the arts kids because technically im an ADM student now, but all i do is read essays and study the history of art and not actually, you know. Paint stuff.)

Good looking hor the school.

Have really strange encounters when i reach my room late at night because its hell week and everyone is tired and when people are tired, strange things just happen, okay?

For a glorious 7 hours we told everyone that Chong (ok you guys will know her as drea) Made The Cut and chopped off all her hair, and their reactions were golden. But no, it’s a wig.

i’ve also been hardselling the benefits of having a carpet in the room to all my juniors.
it’s a wonder im not being sponsored or endorsed by ikea right now. we bought a carpet. A CARPET. There is nothing you cannot find at ikea except maybe a soulmate i am telling you, but ever since (500) days of summer it seems that even those are available by the pop at le ikea, alongside a host of many other things, including spoilt nonfunctional kitchens and horrified chinese families.

We also had our school’s investiture this week, an event i’ll always look at rather fondly because it was under my portfolio last year. Ok, i’ll look at all school events fondly because that’s just what the social director does, ok? This year’s social D pulled off the investiture really smoothly though, dredging to mind memories of flurried signatures and backstage giggles last year.

And today we tied a balloon to edwin’s back and celebrated his birthday during dinner with the 9th mmc. It seems balloons are the new method of humiliation, although i dont get it because i would personally love to walk around malls with helium balloons
trailing off happily from the back of my head..

Happy 23rd, eds!

Also, the whole child custody case is also, still, ongoing

Whoever knew raising a child could be so difficult, right?

Ooh also in more recent news, the third episode of That F Word is out and also if you read the comments, my new nickname is the ‘cubby’ one

And you all know what this means- im a BEAR.

PS. dont worry anon, i tie up my hair for the next episode. it’s all very exciting because then everyone will start commenting on how round my face is now that all the hair’s not there to, you know, distract you. My face shape. It is top news material.