Wallet: Kate Spade x c/o Gumtree
Bag: c/o Bag Charm Love

Why hijack a local supermarket for photographs? Why do anything at all? I suspect it’s a combination of too many late nights and too little sleep but last night saw me giggling hysterically in a local grocery while piling apples all over my wallet and whispering hey look at my garden to people in the vicinity. Recently Ogilvy x Gumtree Singapore very generously offered me a mini shopping spree on their site, which obviously led to hours of dazzled clicking wonder. Gumtree Singapore reminds me a bit of a localized version of Craigslist or Ebay, where people sell new or pre-loved items within singapore, first obvious advantage being the option of meet ups so you dont risk being scammed by mail-order items.

You can either browse their items via category or just directly search for what you want, which is what I recommend- it’s much more direct. I already know I want a new wallet because my old one is pretty much coming apart at the seams, so:

1. Search for what you want, click stuff for sale.

2. Browse search results, choose what you want and contact the seller:

It’s sorted by the most recently posted ads, so you’re more likely to get a still-relevant ad. They display at one glance a small avatar, date of post, and price. I chose the kate spade fulton, which came brand new with tags and all in the dust bag, so brilliantly and impressively pink in real life i felt compelled to buy lipstick to match it lol.

They have a whole bunch of things for sale, ie. these cute pastel portable chargers:

This stuff is awesome, I’m a sucker for online shopping and used to spend hours trolling sites like ebay for second hand film cameras and silly little things like earphone splitters, forever bugged by the paranoia of it getting lost in the mail, or getting scammed, or having to wait a month for it to arrive from the US or wherever your stuff is from. Definitely something you should try if you’re an ebay addict like me- click.

Lastly- and this bit is probably the most important for you guys: in conjunction with GSS, Gumtree Singaporeis holding The Gumtree Fashion Month where you sell off your stuff, kinda like an online flea, to earn a bit of extra cash for your GSS shopping! They’re giving readers a chance to win $600 worth of shopping vouchers for the Great Singapore Sale- all you have to do is sell clothes or accessories on Gumtree!

More details here.

The higher the number of ad postings, the greater the reward, so if you’ve got clothes you’ve bought but never worn, or if you’re keen on selling some of your pre-loved/new stuff, you know what to do. 😉

There we go, so that’s about it for tonight. For reasons mentioned above (too little sleep, too much hysterical giggling), I’m bordering on incoherence already, so before I drop off to sleep here’s a huge shoutout and thank you to Ogilvy Singapore for all the fab gifts and experiences I’ve been showered with of late. x So much love.