photo credits: lewis PR &blackberry singapore

My love affair with the blackberry started way back when I was nearing the end of my first year in junior college. Something like a clap bang christmas morning mad rush and camping in a singtel hello shop, love at first sight and all that. Before and since then I’ve been on nearly all the different mobile platforms- iOS, Android, and Windows, and I still find myself inexplicably drawn back to the Blackberry despite all the jazzy new kids on the block. Maybe it’s something about the stability and security it radiates, and did i just insinuate the husband-material label on a blackberry? Maybe. I need to stop applying personalities on to inanimate devices, it’s starting to get really weird.

The new Q10 is everything I’ve dreamed of and more. Of course, I havent actually had the chance to use it extensively, but I did play around with the pre-launch sets a bit and nearly made off with one.. except they were all affixed firmly to the table. Pre-emptive measures no doubt. The keyboard is a joy to use as always, they’ve revamped it to be more delightful than ever, and they’ve got a bunch of new features like the Instant Action that lets you kickstart any program by just typing out it’s name from your homescreen, and the ability to swipe between personal and work mode on the phone. For a device that’s so highly anticipated, it sure doesn’t disappoint- and yeah sure this is getting odder and odder but I just feel so proud of the blackberry, as if I’ve watched it grow up. Which is kind of true. No. It isn’t. Shut up. But what is true is that it is a gorgeous, gorgeous device, and I can’t wait to get my paws on a set.

Other things I’ve done since the commencement of summer: meet up with friends old and new, get started on a few projects personal and work related, and had a few meetings with various companies and brands. Suffice to say summer2013 is shaping up to look pretty promising. The first thing I did, though, was to take some proper steps towards looking more like a decent human being after the wreckage of exam week- got my nails, hair, and lashes done, so frivolous this life but i love it!! Oh yes- and I’ve also finally gotten down to falling into non academic related literature:

and you know what? Between that and all the sleep i’ve been catching up on, life is in all honesty pretty damn good right now.

Hope summer break is working out good for you guys too.