pardon the cheesy subtitles but two of my friends turned twenty one recently and cheesy is as cheesy does. The entire world seems to be getting older too fast really, i feel a little bit like im being cheated of my youth. Completely incongruent with my sophomore label and now even that has expired too. It’s the end of year two and I still feel like i just stumbled into college life going huh what where huh. Ju shouted I CANT WAIT TO GRADUATE today and i thought to myself honey we’re almost there. In any case, the pressing concern i have at the moment is I’m turning twenty one (omg) this year and i still have not seen snow ever, seriously, this is some kind of ridiculous. Not even the snow city kind because I’ve never had a chance to hit that attraction. Do people in China visit the Great Wall? Better not go there. Nationalism is a tad touchy for online purposes. This is a trite thing to admit on the internet but it has become also a genuine cause for sadness lately that with all the work due (life) i havent had time to spend with my pokemon. Last night i turned on the DS and i couldnt even remember my poke party line up so i turned it off and decided to be a bit fairer to them, to play when i’m not half asleep. But really, when’s that anymore? I’m rambling now, aren’t i. You know what i have had time to do, though?

Film a hairpisode for That F Word yesterday. They also gave me an impromptu cut (see right image for before and after) and I actually have a fringe now! Admittedly it makes me look a bit like a teeny bopper but I’m not complaining, what with my recent obsession with lost youth. Other than that what have i been doing hm studying lor then.

Anticlimatic but that’s my entire life nowadays. What is there to be done about it? Lets have some sushi you guys.