I’ve been watching tons of videos over the course of the last week for my screenwriting class- and I thought i’d post this one up, sent to me by my friend Tim. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore- so beautiful, animation, music, story and all. Definitely recommended, especially if you’ve got a soft spot for feature films like these.

In other news, over the weekend I was convinced my cab driver was going to murder me, spent seven hours staring up girls’ skirts at cheer rehearsals (Cindy and I are hosting IH Cheer Competition 2013 this wednesday, see you if you’re going!), and celebrated Pam’s 21st at the St Regis’ Lady Astor room- refer below for a picture ft. Sa’s butt.

Yep. More photos to come when I get the shots from Mela, two days worth of company with the girls i’ve known for eight and counting years. You call it old I call it mature like aging wine. Other big news of late includes Athena turing 1:

And also I am so, so happy to announce that i was baptized Jemimah James Wei last sunny Saturday after a dramatic previous weekend of monsoon weather wrecking my baptismal plans:

It was so dramatic I was all ready to be dunked two weeks ago and then the monsoon hit and there were concerns pertaining to tidal currents and lightning so it had to be pushed back. Bummer. Anyway, I finally got tossed in the sea last week and ever since then everyone has been congratulating and welcoming me formally to the church i’ve grown up in from babyhood. It’s surreal, to say the least. I’m demanding Second Birthday presents every 26th Jan from now on in other news. You can give me things like bible verses and prayer requests and blessings thank you very much.

Lastly- this is a bit off topic, but I’m really feeling quite bad about spamming you guys with sponsored/giveaway posts nonstop over the past couple of weeks. Not bad enough to stop accepting collaboration requests though- I’ll be doing a giveaway for a £150 GBP (equivalent to approx. S$300) ASOS gift card sometime this week so I hope you all like clothes. The giveaway is sponsored by my homebank FRANK by OCBC so a huge shoutout to them and if you haven’t gotten one of their custom designed cards you totally should.

Right sorry this is so abrupt but I’m insanely exhausted because I was up till 5am playing at being a scriptwriter: PROTAGONIST absentmindedly tops up her coffee with orange juice and gets angry at self and all that. You’re going to have no friends left if you keep sleeping in the day and being up and about at night, one of my characters told me, and I retorted: My pokemon will always be there for me. Like i said, 5am. Hold your judgement.

I watched cloud atlas today and was appropriately mind blown. Goodnight goodnight and I will see you all sometime this week on the web for coffee and shopping I promise.