Sometimes when i see pictures of cats online i wonder vaguely if what endears me to mine is a universal behavior that echoes in all cats, and in which case, if what makes me uniquely more affectionate to my cat than any other is nothing but a factorial of fur. Most of the time i stop trying to figure this out and just sit around trying to get my cat to love me by bribing it with fish. So it goes.

Those of you following me on twitter would have known that i was down the past couple of days with the worst bug. What a nightmare! I started running a fever of 38.5 and throwing up violently on friday afternoon and saturday morning i woke up in such pain that my GP panicked and referred me to the hospital on suspicion of this and that scary medical terms that i shall not care to repeat lest you get frightened too. I spent most of my saturday wasting away in fear in the hospital, needles stuck in me and wires trying to measure this and that and x rays flashing, it was all very horrifying. Thank God though, i’m all dandy now- turns out it was some weird viral infection and no one is dying. (I kid you not i went is this is wtf am i dying quite a few times during the day) In fact i’m completely ok now, if a little pale, though from fright or vampirism no one knows.

Dramatic couple of days- and just in time too, because i fly for bangkok tomorrow with Drea to film and shop our hearts out. I’ve been expressly forbidden from partaking in the glorious wonder that is bangkok street food by cindy and andrea but we’ll see how it goes when i’ve actually touched down, yes? Besides, what does anyone eat besides street food in bangkok? Who knows. Check back again tomorrow and i’ll have my night installment of the three part posts from my previous bangkok trip up as buffer till i return, yes yes, so very late, but so am i.

Hope all of you have been keeping well, and i mean this with every fibre of my being- please go drink some water and eat an orange or something.