just thought i’d introduce to you guys my new favorite facial cleanser this christmas. Buche de Noel from Lush cosmetics Singapore– i wandered into the gorgeous store in Wisma led by my nose last week: the place smelt like what i’d imagine willy wonka’s factory would. Turns out it’s an international cosmetics retailer specializing in handmade organic products, which usually i’d scream advertising gimmick!!! to, but you know me and i’m a sucker for packaging and guys how can you resist such gorgeous packaging anyway you must have a heart of steel. This is one of the two christmas specials- the other is called Let the Good Times Roll, a facial wash smelling of popcorn. To be honest, this current one im using smells a bit like playdoh to me, but it’s a delight to use, even if it does look like a tub of ice cream. Yum.

When i was up by the counter paying for this, the salesgirl who had been demonstrating all the products to me shyly looked up and asked when our next That F Word episode would be coming out. Wow. I guess we’ve really been gone for quite awhile, huh. Still, collegiate life demands a lack of any other during the finals. In any case, this one’s for you, Lush salesgirl- our latest episode released today, enjoy.