Last week I attended the Samantha Thavasa anniversary runway show with Candice and being the vainpot that i am, went down to Urbanhair before that to get my hair styled for the event. It’s not the first time im getting my hair done at urbanhair but it is the first time im doing it casually, as in, just for an event and not a photoshoot or filming session, so the experience was completely different. From the moment I walked in a drink menu was proffered and we’re not talking the icky ginger tea that salons are so fond of serving, we’re talking full on mocha, latte, and cappuccino. There was other stuff too but I cant remember exactly what there was, though i remember being suitably impressed.

One of the stylists walked up to me and asked for my hand (unfortunately, not to marry, although she was a lady so that would have gone down a little strange huh), tapped out three drops of oil out of this dark blue aveda bottle, and softly told me to rub my hands together and inhale. It was crazy. I felt like i was in an avatar movie or something. The oil (no idea what it’s called, gotta ask them again) was made out of some minty calming magic hocuspocus and your entire body just relaxes when you sniff it. Okay, okay, i know it’s starting to sound suspiciously like some kind of drug, but i swear to you, it was amazing. Before i could figure out how to purchase a bottle (i mean, put that in your room and hello, stress free examinations), i was led cheerfully to another room to get my hair washed and head massaged.


I’m pretty sure that by this point in time im just blabbing on but my word, i was honestly having the time of my life. Normally i chatter nonstop but i was just walking around with a dazed happy smile on my face because i felt so completely calm and fussed over. Seriously girls you dont need a boyfriend to make you feel like a princess, you just need a good session at the salon.

You see what i mean about being fussed over.

After about two hours i shook out my head into a mane of the most elaborate curls. My salon appointment was in the morning and the curls had to last me till the night, so they were done pretty tight and were meant to slowly loosen till they reached perfectly gently curls at 7pm. Timed curls, how about that.

With my stylists, Noel and Daryl.
Leather jacket from fox-out and maxidress from lovebonito.

And my hair-daddy, Eugene, for whom full credit is given for all the locks you see on my head.

Huzzah. I’m a princess.

In my bid to get princess curls i’ve done everything starting from buying pink 13.90$ curlers from Watsons to full on legit ceremic hair curling irons for >100$, from sleeping in tightly bunned hair to spraying all sorts of curling serums on it, but never have i managed to get my hair to stay curled till urbanhair happened. Somehow they just get it. It’s like their stylists have a secret language between the hands and the hair, and it’s something noone else can hear or understand. O.k., getting a bit too jumanji here for comfort. But you get what i mean, don’t you?

Urbanhair Marina

2 Bayfront Avenue,
#B1-02/03/04 Marina Bay Sands
Mon to Sun : 10am – 11pm
T : 6688 7766
F : 6688 7755
E :

I’ll be blogging about the Samantha Thavasa fashion show once i get the photos from the official photographer, but meanwhile i did a bit of photography of my own. I made the plunge and got a 50f1.8 lens recently (christmas present to myself because obviously my significant other (ie. the cat) is not going to get me anything other than fish and fur balls) and I’ve been snapping away happily ever since.

Candice, the pride and joy of HSS. This was also the faithful day i met Lewis PR and got my new baby, the blackberry bold, which got me a bit inappropriately emotional. But still. After the event we went down to Swee Choon to have supper with Edwin:

Polaroids from the photowall at the ST. fashion show.
Swee Choon Must Eats:

Of late i’ve had a ridiculous amount of people asking me what swee choon is. Seriously guys?! I live under a rock and even i know what it is. Basically, it’s one of the best dimsum places (in my opinion) in singapore, made even better by the fact that it’s opening hours are 6pm-6am. You know what this means. 3am feeling hungry in hall? SWEE CHOON. 11pm need some supper? SWEE CHOON. Macdelivery? Bah. What is that. It is the answer to all your questions, most particularly the one going why is my face resembling a custard bao more and more? Yep. You know it.

If you’re a college student in singapore or have any visitor-friends, please go to swee choon at least once. It should rank higher than all other touristy things, including 1. visiting the flyer 2. going to the zoo 3. going to the bird park 4. trying to chew bubblegum in public. And if you’re going there, please please please try these things:

1. Golden Fried Tofu
this is essentially the most epic tofu you will eat in your entire life. reactions i’ve observed to this tofu include a) speechlessness or b) “OMG WHY IS THIS TOFU SO SOFT HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THESE FEELS”

2. Plain Noodle in Onion and Oil
They hand-make this in front of you, if you’re sitting close enough to the counter. It’s just plain noodles but it is the yums.

3. Chee Cheong Fun
It’s not too thick like the ones you get in normal hawker centers, and it’s pretty good. Everyone who tries it loves it, but that’s not saying a lot in swee choon because everyone loves everything im not even kidding.

4. Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun
Huh like i dont even know where to begin with this. It’s one of the best things you will ever eat. It might also give you high cholesterol and possibly a heart attack in the long run. A bit like an explosion of oozing egg custard in your mouth. Very, very close to competing with the aforementioned tofu for #1 in swee choon must eats, except you can find pretty good custard buns elsewhere while the golden fried tofu is pretty much unparalleled.

Even if you dont believe anything else i say, just trust me on this. Go to swee choon at least once. You won’t regret it.

Swee Choon dim sum
191 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882
Phone:+65 6294 5292

Because i am direction-stupid i had no idea you could walk to farrer park from swee choon. To my defense, i’ve only ever gotten there by car or cab, so. In any case the christmas decorations at farrer had my heart just stolen- they’ve got this amazing canopy of trees peppered with the most delightful fairy lights, i had to be dragged along because i was just stopping and staring dazedly. I snapped a shot of Edwin and Candice at these gates which are a bit of a permanent fixture at farrer, and they look like something out of narnia, which i think is pretty much a perfect way to describe the whole of farrer at night. Something out of narnia.

Christmas is coming you guys, keep safe, believe in magic, stare at fairy lights, and try not to do aforementioned staring in the middle of the main road.