Little bit difficult to think about Christmas without immediately having images of lights, trees, and christmas dinners popping up in your mind, as gluttony as that sounds. In any case, when Backyard @ Dempsey generously invited Andrea and I down last week to try their new Christmas menu, i immediately rung up Cinch as my +1 because she is nothing if not always up for gourmet food. Seriously, I’ve known this girl to send back bowls of ramen because their eggs weren’t done up right. Andrea brought along Kim and Joyce along as her +1 +1s, so it was all set to be a proper girls night out, complete with fairy lights, drinks and good food.

Backyard @ dempsey honestly has a gorgeous location (i almost said campus, my goodness), it’s where i shot the carlo rino lookbook previously. It was actually also my first time in Dempsey- honestly, i know im late to the party, there’s no need to rub it in. What have i been doing all this while? I have no idea. I’d like to proffer the excuse that i’m an eastie and we don’t hang out in that part of town much, but it’s a feeble excuse at best.

The christmas menu for backyard@dempsey is something like a full course christmas dinner without the hassle of dishwashing or the wastage of half eaten turkey. Han and Val, the owners, were absolute sweethearts- bubbly and friendly and basically so charming that you’ll warm up to them almost immediately. Val explained that turkey is to her a little too dry, so she replaced that with chicken, beef, pork and fish in her different dishes- above you see a mediterranean chicken salad, french onion soup, and pork roulade set. The french onion soup was particularly impressive- all us girls loved it. I didn’t try the pork but the mash that came with it was heavenly- as with the mash that came with this other black angus ribeye set they served up.

this was my favorite main by means of elimination- many of you may not know this, but i’m actually pescetarian, so i try not to take chicken or generally anything with legs as far as possible. In any case, the fish here is done in a guinness batter, while their normal menu features a kronenburg battered fish and chips. It’s slightly bitter, which is great with me because i take my mains savory and always tend a bit more towards the bitter than the sweet. On the other hand, desserts are a completely different story- honestly, backyard@dempsey’s desserts just stole the show for me:

The most perfect tiramisu and creme brûlée- i’ve got the worst weak spot for tiramisus, and this one really hit the spot, honestly, i’d come back just for this, yum. The creme brûlée was pretty good too, could do with a slightly more torched top, but this was good too. Recommended drinks: the backyard nookie (i love frangelica) and nutty irishman. Alternatively, you can request custom creations and they’ll cheerfully oblige- the backyard@dempsey people are a fun bunch.

Possibly the only place i’d voluntarily dine alfresco for dinner out. What a lovely night, thank you backyard@dempsey for your generous invitation! For the rest of you, if you make a reservation for the 21-25th of december now, there’s an early bird discount of 20% for lunch and 10% for dinner. Also, you can and should like their facebook page here.

Backyard @ Dempsey
130E Minden Road
Singapore, Singapore 248819
Phone 6479 0388 (reservations) / 8338 9906 (events)

Ending off the post with pictorial explanation as to how we got proper lighting for all our food photos despite the hastily darkening sky:

It is what it is.

Thanks for the lovely night, backyard@dempsey!