One would think that post finals i’d be concussed three days straight but NO ironically enough as with all post exam periods everyone is too busy going out and celebrating the end of the exams in a zombie like sleep deprived state instead of actually, you know, resting. Tis human nature. In any case, it’s been a hectic couple of days spent catching up and meeting friends whom i’ve either seen entirely too much of thanks to the exam period or whom ive not seen for months thanks to the exam period. You know how it goes.

Exhibit A: people i’ve seen too much of (literally, every single day) thanks to the exam period. Obviously it makes sense to see their faces again the minute the exams ended. Barbeque at lexy’s place + our secret santa gift exchange- i lucked out and got Drea as my secret santa (top right) because she knows exactly what my style is like; she got me a gorgeous Topshop beaded top in deep purple; and i got Jon (bottom right) who was my secret santee an Expedition Journal from National Geographic since he was going on an expedition the next day to the Philippines.

Exhibit B: people i’ve not seen for months thanks to the exams (or actually, just school and work in general). Nine years and counting, my clique from secondary one- Mia Sorelle- got back together again today for the farewell dinner of God’s gift to every student, one of the best teachers we’ve had the privilege of knowing. Mr Ben Tan was our choir teacher back from our secondary school days- and such a gem to the teaching scene too. He’s off to the sports school now so if you’re from there you’re really blessed! After the entire event the bunch of us were just hanging by the stage and piano singing in impromptu four part harmony, not quite pitch perfect with all that jazz but my word, good times.

Exhibit C: Exams or no exams, some things just dont change. I found myself with a precious couple of hours free in between my lunch and evening appointments today (lunch with christel and back to the office for a couple of hours, then off to get my new camera lens and fix the old one) and i ended up planted at J.Co devouring my latest read: The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman by Angela Carter. Despite it’s somewhat frivolous sounding name it’s a fantastic read- i’m only a few chapters in but it’s so well written and eloquent i already know it’s going to be a favorite. It’s a dystopian novel about manufactured realities – seriously, can you imagine a war waged against reality? It’s the matrix gone literary. Smexy.

I’ve gotten loads of questions lately on my reading habits, what books i’d recommend and so on, and it’s kind of gotten me thinking about that too. One of the questions readers always ask me is how i pick my books: I think as a general gauge i tend towards books that are literary texts for courses even if im not actually taking them- because if you know they’re good enough to spend an entire semester psychoanalyzing, you can be damn sure they’re going to be pretty sweet reads. This one was a text for contemporary literature a couple of years back before they changed the syllabus, and honestly so many other literature courses have texts so worth reading even if you’re not studying them- oranges are not the only fruit, the handmaid’s tale, top girls, and so on.

Ok this is abrupt but im exhausted so GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD BYE.
& for everyone who has been asking about our next episode- we took a bit of a break because of finals, but we’re back alive (sorta) and filming next week so thank you for being patient and we’ll see you soon!