A short one guys because im honestly exhausted and also i have a million exciting things to do now that my exams are over, like attend parties n shit.. no im just kidding actually, im going to curl up with a book and my cat for the rest of the night, yep, it’s a rockinnnn party in here. Living life on the edge you guys. The finals concluded at approximately 7pm today and i promptly celebrated by dying a little bit in my room (GAH! FACEPLANT IN THE BED!) and then packing up and heading off for dinner with my family, i brought them to swee choon and they are all first timers, would you believe it. Anyway, i’ve moved back home now that finals are over, at least for december, and tonight im going to get very re-acquainted with my bed back at home in the east, also, hug my cat at least fifty times. Another thing i’m going to do is make a proper effort to be blogging more consistently now that i actually have time to go out and do things that can be blogged about. To be honest after you start blogging everything you see is segregated into two things, blog worthy and not blog worthy. What i am saying is, after awhile even i get sick of talking about schoolwork. Bah. Being exam-free is great, you guys.