hey guys
life has just been a lot of reading, writing, reading, writing, and so much coffee im pretty sure if you cut me now i might bleed caffeine. still, every time i feel stressed i sort of just mentally yell at myself WOULD YOU RATHER BE DOING MATH? NO? THEN SHUT UP BITCH and it’s all good. The floral kimono shrug and leather jacket you see above are both gifts from Fox-out, Andrea and my clothes sponsor- you can get the eden kimono which they’ve just restocked here and gaze upon the now sold out tough love leather jacket here. I love them both so much i dont even know how to express my affection for them; the floral shrug is just so perfect for the dressing up in the local heat, and the leather jacket makes me delusional about being cool, x 500 for self esteem. Both are quickly on their way to becoming wardrobe staples, and the leather jacket is kind of like my best friend now and everything. It seriously goes with everything, and i’m pretty much a convert now even though i didnt think much of leather jackets before this. I named her Bex after the female lead from pitch perfect. Yes, i name my clothes. This is why i don’t sell them off even if i dont wear them anymore. Because you dont sell your friends. Shut up.

Oh yes also this local blogshop called Rockandretail sent me a purple cardigan, and the pink swingy crop top in the photo above which i paired with the fox out leather jacket and a backpack which a friend got me from korea- the top is amazingly comfortable and flouncy enough to wear both to town and for a study session, and made of surprisingly substantial material too, much better than im used to from casual tops. I tried looking for it online but i think it’s sold out since its no longer available, but you can check out their online store here, they’re having a pretty sweet christmas sale! You’d think that with all the free clothes i’ve been getting i’d stop shopping, or at least shop less, but the awful truth is, i’ve never shopped more. I kind of just die a little bit inside everytime i get email updates from the shops, and i cant quite bring myself to unsubscribe from their mailing lists, just like how noone can really bear to cancel their disney channel subscription. On the plus side, my wardrobe is getting a bit closer to what i imagine it to be in my head, the walk in wardrobe idea that andrea loves and my mum hates. But hey, you give some, you take some.

Because i’ve been cramming nonstop in school, my most exciting conversations often include philosophical discussions via twitter on the meaning of pop culture phrases like:

Read from the bottom up.

Such is the life of someone who converses mainly with lit kids. Everything is just an exercise in wordplay. Still, its a sign of how cooped up in school ive been when conversations like these are the most exciting thing that’s happened to me all day, which is why i was so excited after yesterday’s paper because i finally left NTU and headed to town with Cindy to meet Andrea and Han for Pitch Perfect!

Dang, i feel so out of it. I must be the last person on earth to watch it. Being a 12 year choir girl this show, like high school musical and glee, was kind of like my guilty pleasure, you know? The singing numbers were just so engaging and fun and i was all like okay, i gotta sing everything i say from now on and get back into the acapella scene what am i doing with my life for like an hour after the movie ended. The script, on the other hand, was a little bit painful- it sounded awkward and i really felt a little bit sorry for anna kendrick when she had to go “but dad! my dream is to move to LA and produce music and be a dj” because the line was just so bad and i don’t think she had a choice. Still, quite a good break from all the literary jinglebojangle i’ve been immersed in, and it’s really a show targeted for teenagers, with all the essential ingredients: cliche lines, a really pretty lead, cheesy budding teenage romance, musical numbers, and semi naked girls


Other than that i’ve also been nagged at nonstop regarding my hair of late:

which means it’s probably a good thing i’m going for a hair shoot tomorrow because i can work something out with my stylist regarding this mess of a mane atop my head. Maybe they can even get it to stop trying to strangle me in my sleep, who knows? 4 x exams down and one to go; it’s 1am and I’m sitting in drea’s room while she sleeps, and being very studiously ignored by her cat who won’t play with me. life is good, you guys.