last week i picked up my spectacles and only one half of it came away with me. well, shit i thought, staring at it, how am i going to get any work done now? somehow in my head my specs were one of those things that just last forever, like a parent, or a toe, i dont know. i’ve had that pair since i was sec two, which makes it a seriously long term 7 year relationship. what rotten timing, especially during hell week (think overnight studying in contact lenses, yuck.) anyway, i had a new pair made this week and im holding it up as an excuse for not blogging about the film festival as per promised yet.

i woke up this morning convinced i was going to die, puked nonstop from 10am-2pm, completely couldnt keep anything down. Ate a cracker puked a cracker. Drank water puked water. you know, i’ve heard of food poisoning before, and i’d always thought that everytime i had a stomachache after a meal it was symptomatic of food poisoning. LIES. this was a thousand times worse. i vaguely remember shouting if this is what morning sickness is like im never going to have kids ever. Andrea was being a complete darling and drove to school to pick me up and send me to the doctor- i also remember hugging her hand and telling her if i dont make it through today i want you to know that i love you to which she replied, um, okay. Seems like my propensity towards being a drama queen multiplies a hundred times over when im sick and on my deathbed. There you have it, drama exhibit B.

it’s a pretty shit time to be falling sick, to be honest, what with all the assignments due and exams coming up. Still, so grateful that it’s given me a proper chance to sleep and rest, and also, so appreciative of all the people who’ve been going out of their way to take care of me, drea, martin, cindy. i get so emotional over the silliest things when im sick i swear i cried when martin gave me my medicines (“im so lucky to have friends who will count the time and give me medicine on time i have the best friends on earth sob) (are you completely psycho?!) sigh.

keep safe you all, and, er, dont eat tauhuey that’s 3 days old.