While on a tuk-tuk i amused myself considering it’s name and the sound it makes, going tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk UGH MY HAT. Yes. On day four we finally managed to communicate our questions to a taxicab driver despite the language barrier- how much does a tuktuk/taxi driver earn a day? For three days they started getting very excited and quoting us rates for a day’s rental of the vehicle and driving services. On the fourth an old man with a wide smile and confusing english told us that they took back an average of 3-400 BHT after deducting their vehicle rental fees. On days we don’t get enough passengers we cant eat.

We stopped negotiating for cheaper rates after that.

We’re back in Singapore tonight, hello hello and goodnight. Bangkok was everything it was hyped up to be in my head, the only disappointment being the adverseness the thais have towards the sale of gold satchels. For weeks i’ve been jumping with excitement under the impression that bangkok sells EVERYTHING including the gold foil satchel i made up in my head. They do not. What they do have though- tons of whimsical fairy lights, an overly generous share of the sun, the freedom to don sunglasses without being judged as being a douchebag x 10, and a whopeload of sweet, sweet thai hospitality.

Proper post to come after post processing the 1.3k photos, dont wait up my princesses.