Hi you guys,

Theres something i needed to tell you all except i forgot, so here goes.

Drea, Joyce and I were recently engaged by Carlo Rino Singapore to be their resident style gurus till the end of the year! Besides being highly gratified that they lump me in the same category as the other two when it comes to giving style advice, you guys actually get a chance to win a bag from the fairy tale collection as well as a $50 voucher once every 2 weeks! So.. yes. Ask away.

You can also read up on my tea party with the Carlo Rino bags here.

Also in the social media world of updates i have gotten the coolest twitter profile update to date:

For some reason everyone (self included) whines like a little bitch when they get facebook timelined, but this twitter update is just mad cool. For those of you who want a cover pic too- go to settings > design > select cover image. You are welcome. x

Just to reassert the highly debated fact that i do, in fact, have a life outside the online world (cue: i have friends! i talk to you guys every night here!), here’s a picture of my bestfriend and I:

Met Fred today for a birthday lunch – so rare this meeting, ever since the commando leaders have stolen all his time away – he was outfield the entire of last week. Im on my way he says over the phone, and he finds me lost in a book in Kinokuniya, and we laugh because if the roles were reversed i would probably find him waiting for me there too.

Some amazing NZ king salmon for me (KING i tell you) and something he insists is pork but really does not look like pork but who knows. We thought about watching a movie but found ourselves flopped in a corner in the National library instead, me with my graphic design books and him with his scientific economic jinglebojangle i understand none of. This is ridiculous, we meet up after so long and we are reading books in a library he says, and i read out a line from the book on Dadaism in my hands- What is art? and he looks over incredulously What is art?! All this philosophical…. why dont you ask my asshole what art is and we both collapse into helpless giggles with the librarian glaring which makes everything of course all the funnier.

Somehow we always find ourselves at a bookstore or a library and i look up fondly at the best person the past six years of my life has produced and i thank God for him.

It was a good day.