i need to stop making you guys promises that i can’t keep. i know i’ve said i would blog about that Sony Vaio T review soon but somehow when i open up the blogging tab all that spew out of my fingers are rambly life updates about school and other similar things; i feel like i am forcing upon you all the boring mumbojumbo that passes through my head.

Over the weekend i lost and found my hall key which is starting to act very uncannily like one of those half assed unreliable boyfriends, given the frequency at which it disappears on me, walked into Kushin-bo and wept with joy at the happy coincidence– it was SALMON FAIR week — with emmanuel and amanda, and then witnessed a proposal down Orchard road with cindy and em.

At the cross junction near Abercrombie and Fitch, girls were giving out helium hearts of pink white and red, and as if there were an invisible click– pink signs started appearing I WILL LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME/ I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU/ BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE (ok just kidding about the last one i forgot what the other sign said so i stuck in one direction lyrics) and the hugest banner:


Perfect movie timing was when all the traffic lights turned red and in the middle of the road – a yes in a dress wiped tears from her eyes and smiled down into her bouquet of sunflowers.

It was intimately sweet on a public level. Congratulations to the happy couple (:

After the entire thing the balloons found a new home attached to the pied piper of modern days

It also occurred to us that this might have been why none of the bookstore assistants we met seemed to take us very seriously.

Later that evening while watching Ern twirling swirling and prancing onstage in The Next Wave 2012, i thought to myself what a lovely way to burn