So glad to finally be able to present to you the baby we’ve been burning up the midnight oil for the past couple of weeks. Something’s smoking hot in HSS, and it sure isn’t LT1. SMOKED- It’s a webzine, it’s a portal, it’s a newsstand, it’s a blog, but most importantly, it’s dedicated to all you HSS Students.

It’s okay if you’re not a HSS Student, or an NTU student. It’s even okay if you’re not from Singapore. How does one say this without coming off as cheesy or cliche, i don’t know, but SMOKED is going to have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a freshman guide to university life, we’ll have it. If you’re a budding housewife trying to figure out how to get food on the table asap, well, theres no food faster or easier to prepare than that of college hall kids. If you’re in secondary school/JC and are looking for direction in life, Smoked IS your direction in life. Come to HSS. If you’re depressed and looking for the secret to happiness, it’s laughter, and we will make you laugh. I mean, i even teach you how to pick up chicks there.

So, alongside a team of very talented and passionate writers, i’ll also be writing for Smoked occasionally. Kudos to Amanda and Josh, who have been having sleepless nights figuring out the concept, direction, and design of the website with me. It’s Amanda’s brainchild and Josh’s direction, really, and we’re all so glad it’s finally launched!

It’s a friday night guys, if you’re at home and online, you’re doing it wrong. The party starts now at, and you don’t even need to be legal to get in.