I was minding my own business trying to wrestle with microsoft excel this evening when cindy scared the crap out of me by screaming JEMMA THEY NAMED A DRESS AFTER YOU from behind me and of course after calming my racing heart i started getting insanely excited about this and the heart rate went right through the roof again. At this rate I’m going to be thin as a stick within a month because fear + excitement wrecks havoc with your metabolic rate. I would know. I took O level Biology.


Anyway back story to this: when we were filming at Love, Bonito a couple of weeks ago, Velda, Viola and Rachel asked if they could use our names for dresses in their new collection. I honestly thought they were just being polite in a i like your shoes kind of way but NO they were serious! So honored hehe this is surely my finest moment.

Thanks so much LB! x

In other news, the reason why cindy was behind me at 11:34pm screaming about Jemma dresses- we’ve all finally moved into our hall room properly, and after approximately 4 hours of clambering up and down armed with scotch tape and scissors, it’s finally more or less shaping up. I know you’re not supposed to just invite strangers into your room, but it does feel like a virtual tour is in order:

Impressive, no? It’s also so girly that apparently it gives my guy friends a headache just looking at it. Now i really never will leave my room. Currently making provisions to attend all my lectures via Skype, friends. This actually sounds like a feasible plan.