Over the last few days i have come to believe that there is nothing you cannot buy on Ebay. This, combined with my recent obsession with the color pairings of navy and gold, has wrecked considerable damage on the wallet, master card, and common sense. In other news, the ladies on ebay are fierce. It’s like hunting with a pack of cheetahs in there. N’er has my heart beat as fast as during the last minute countdown for a live bidding auction on ebay.

Also, some time ago I met Zurina on the streets and was snapped for the sartorialist SGSF section of Wardrobe.Trends.Fashion., which essentially made me go wait. Really? but you know, sure. It’s their Singapore street fashion segment, but i suspect they really only asked for a pic because of the hair. Im wearing a really simple outfit of navy and white- i don’t even know where the top and skirt are from because my wardrobe is freaking narnia and spits out weird threads i never knew i had. Sometimes i hang up a dress in there and it disappears forever, but, you know. You win some you lose some. Navy blue tie up wedges from Steve Madden, Bag from this boutique in New York, gold watch from ASOS.

Some shots from the Klaus pizza party a couple of nights ago. This is the same party where i mentioned them trying to kill us off by smuggling wasabi into innocent looking oreos and making almost all the seniors do the cinnamon challenge. For the record, i didnt do either because I’m all about saying NO to peer pressure. Yeah right. I didnt do them because i was chicken and i suspect they were a bit scared of forcing me to try. Also look at that oreo! It’s completely disgusting. My juniors are awfully sadistic. Which of course, means that next year’s HSS FOC will be great.

Photo credits: Joshua.

It’s also time to put the master card slogan (“There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”) to the test. My complete hopelessness at math has infected my relationship with all numbers in general- I’ve forgotten my atm PIN number and therefore can only dine in cafes that accept payment by master card or i’ll pretty much starve on the streets. I wish i could tell you these things only happened once in a blue moon, but you know me. I try to keep our relationship honest.