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Hi guys,

So, it kind of started off like this:

Essentially sometime at the dusk of last semester when we were all moving out of hall and figuring out what to do with our stuff, Andrea asked me if i wanted to move in with her and i said what, but it’s all moving so fast! Next you’ll want to hold my hand! so she moved in with me instead because it totally makes a difference who moves in with who because it Sets the Tone of the relationship dynamics, you know.

Yeah I’m totally kidding. Andrea says that i really need to stop saying things like this. Apparently it makes people doubt my sanity and on a completely unrelated note it might not help that i talk a lot about and to my cat, so.

Cindy’s also moving in with us because if she doesn’t live in school we literally see her turn up for class once at the beginning of the semester and then never.

So early this morning, the three of us + Han trooped down to IKEA Alexandra to fix up our room. Huge advantage of living with friends is, your interior decor fund goes up by x number of friends. You’ll see what i mean.

Had no idea that IKEA had a breakfast set- or is it new? Pancakes, Hashbrowns and Scrambled Eggs with coffee all for the low, low price of $3. We approve. (Warning though, the pancakes and hash are pretty good but the eggs are .. strange.)

Sufficiently fueled for the hunt, we headed down to the actual shopping area bursting with ideas of what our room should look like and an unrealistic image of an unlimited credit limit in our heads.

Sadly contemplating the $29 vases while clutching the $2.90 one when we realized that we all had no money because we are poor struggling students or something like that.

Back in NTU hall 13:



and after

Still very much a work in progress but check out that RUG i just want to face plant myself in it and roll around and mumble muffled words expressing happiness and comfort and pancakes for hours. It’s so PLUSH. and that COLOUR. Feel like it is possibly the purchase of the YEAR or something i don’t know i honestly cannot think of anything I’ve bought lately that has made me as happy as this. My cat would LOVE this.

School starts in a week, and despite the financial destabilization that is sure to follow (i mean, come on. Now i can only work at night, remotely.) as well as the disorientating feeling i always get, transiting from work to school and back, i’m relatively excited. Campus life, being stupid and late for class, youth, and all that jazz. Although it’s not so certain how much time I’m actually going to spend in class, what with a room like this.