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Hi Guys,

So last night Cindy, Marcus and I sang a set for The Beginning- a fundraiser concert for Nabillah (backstory here). We covered Payphone, Faithfully and Better Together, as well as a trashy cover of Call me Maybe behind the scenes. Everything went relatively well besides the fact that i forgot an entire stanza of pay phone, but you know. That’s life. Sometimes you lose one thousand dollars and sometimes you forget to sing a few lines.

Nice hor the photos. Courtesy of the Sony A77, Im going to feel rather sad when i return it to them. It really does take the nicest photos and the swivel screen makes it so much easier to take photos in weird angles without having to bend over. Also i have the worst shaky hands so the auto stabilizer on this thing really does work magic. Wait till you guys see the photos i took of the cupcakes from my visit to Swirls.

Height issues.

And lastly:

With Nadia (pic 1), the super talented half japanese i don’t know what the other half is emcee who has lived almost everywhere in the world, and my trio – we had a bit of a problem when Nadia tried to get us to come up with a name for our not quite band. We ended up being introduced as Cindy, Marcus and Jemimah which is of course wholly original so that’s all fine.

Congratulations again on being accepted to the Royal College of Music London, Nabi. So heartening to see singaporeans live their dream- especially in the arts scene!