Hi Guys,

So, im not great at resisting things. Shoes, bags, accessories, ice cream, photo bombing happy tourists with the weirdest faces… okay, maybe not the last one. But when I say i have a weakness for books, i mean i have a weakness for books NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY AND STOP HOLDING UP THE QUEUE OR IM GONNA CUT SOME BITCHES yeah something like that.

Books, and breakfast with my best friend who’s off jet setting in Taiwan at the moment, are just about the only two things you’ll ever find me waking up early for. I don’t even wake up early for class. Afternoon class. But at about 8am this morning i was applying thick eyeliner to my half dead eyes (the more make up i have on = the less sleep I’ve had = the more i’d been studying/working) and waiting for Andrea to drive over to pick me up for the PENGUIN BOOKS’ EXPO BOOK SALE

The sale started at 10.
We reached at 9:30.

That’s dedication, right there. Either that or a high level of stupidity.

Where does one even begin?
It was like every literature major’s dream. I wanted to roll around in the books and sniff in the smell of the paper.

Book sales are like being unable to get pregnant. You try and try and try and still, your womb disappoints you. (IM SORRY FOR THE AWKWARD PARALLEL METAPHORS but seriously, you guys need to stop posting your baby photos on facebook, ok? This is why you shouldn’t have a large percentage of your Facebook friends as 30+ year olds) I’ve been for a bunch of book sales, the most recent one being the Borders mega sale last year, and i’ve always come away disappointed and with a mere two, three books.

This one, however, was amazing. The selection of books were Shockingly good, and prices were mostly 4, 6 or 9 dollars. There were a few twenty dollar ones, but mostly they were 4 or 6 dollars.

I ended up buying 20 books for $107 dollars.

This our combined haul, Andrea and I:

And just in case you’re not a fan of long and unending prose, there are books which are short and completely bite sized too! One of my favorite picks- Twitterature, the humorous rewordings of literary classics for the twenty first century intellect, in digestible portions of 20 or fewer. Here, I’m going to type out an excerpt for you:

Paradise Lost, by John Milton

FALLING INTO THE ABYSS!!!! I’ll talk more about why in several hundred pages to avoid any confusion


‘Tis Pandemonium down here. Would ROFL but it’s very hot.

I’m bored. I’m the chairman of the board. My compatriots are r-tards. Inaction? Is that the best we can do? We’re f-ing demons!

ok it gets progressively more vulgar, so i didnt type the rest out. There are children reading this. It’s hilarious though- so worth the six dollars.

From now till Sunday!

Penguins Books’ Mega Sale
Expo hall 6B

BTW this sale only happens once in 3 years so… get your ass there now.

In other news, i want to gush a bit about this awesome dining place near my workplace. Working in the CBD pretty much means you go broke every lunchtime. Okay, no, but it’s much more expensive as compared to my frugal (ha!) college lifestyle. One meal at, say, the wonderfully delicious Barpazza can easily set you back 20-30 dollars. Of course, you can resort to the Mos Burger across the road, but thats fast food.

Having been at Havas for collectively about 1 year now, i’ve tried a whole bunch of dining options in the area. And hands down, The Rotisserie is one of the best restaurants in Singapore’s CBD.

Not to be confused with Javier’s Rotisserie at the Cineleisure basement, the entire restaurant has a very minimalist, cool vibe, with glass, wood, and tartan surfaces. Prices range from about seven fifty for a salad to twenty dollars for.. ok, i don’t know. But that’s what it says on hungrygowhere. Anyway, what i always get is the Quarter Roast Chicken with a choice of two salads for eleven dollars. (It used to be 9 dollars last year, but, i don’t know. Inflation happened.)

The breakfast sets are great- i had a smoked salmon bagel with Mavis last week, and was super pleased by how generous they are with piling on the salmon. I think that was six or seven fifty. And earlier this week we had the Rosti breakfast set for ten dollars:

Rosti with sour cream, sausage, bacon and an egg. Surely something you can only eat once in about a YEAR for obvious reasons. The takeaway boxes are very cute too, with metal looking cutlery. Hm. Im sure there was something i wanted to say from all this. Oh yeah. TAKE THAT, WILD HONEY.

Ok, a conciliatory picture of the far more healthy lunch sets.

Ricky said the chicken was the best chicken he’d eaten in forever. I wouldn’t go that far, but i’d concur that it is pretty damn good.Loving the chill vibe: I would totally visit this place for a nice dinner with friends as well over the weekends, except when you see your workplace everyday all you want to do is kind of sleep the weekends away.

The Rotisserie is also opening two more branches, in Rochester mall and Marina Bay Financial Center!

The Rotisserie: Roast Chicken and Gourmet Salad
51 Telok Ayer Street, #01-01 China Square Food Centre, Singapore
+65 6224 5486

And lastly, shot of my shoes and bag otw to work one hot day..

Mum said the bunches on the Furla bag look like cancer cells. Thanks, mum. Thanks.