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Hi guys

So you know what’s annoying? The Wheel Of Death.

For those of you unfamiliar, the wheel of death looks like this:

i finally got fed up with lugging around my fujitsu last year- it was a good 2+kg and it was a fantastic machine, also, it was hot pink so i got all sorts of compliments from random strangers (srsly especially during JC PW period), but it was a GOOD 2+KG- so i gave up and bought a macbookpro at the beginning of my college life.

my ex-laptop

Now, I’m not a huge apple fan. I hate the iPhone because i think its awkward and overrated and unimpressive, so by extension i also have a relatively antagonistic relationship with my iPad because its something like a huge iPhone. (It was a gift) But i love my iPod (mostly because i didnt have to pay a cent for it, won it in my first national blogging competition and it was a HUGE deal because before that my music source was my 256MB sony ericsson phone) and I’ve had it for a good five years now. I’ve also always been rather dazzled by the apple desktop computers and i always stop and stare when i pass them in challenger because they’re MASSIVE and VERY SHINY. Ok you know what i don’t know why I’m caps locking those words i sound like a child. i shall cease.

Anyway, i was won over by the macbook because 1. you don’t have to shut it down. i am a lazy ass so things like skipping the whole process of shutting down and waiting for it to start up is a huge deal to me. 2. the battery life is supposed to be amazing. 3. i like the macbook decals on etsy and now i would have a reason to get one (but as usual i procrastinated and one year later i still don’t have one. see above re: lazy ass) 4. no viruses apparently and 5. Its supposed to be super fast.

So imagine my chagrin when i first saw this.

At first i was confused and slightly panicked. WHAT WAS IT?! Why is there a rainbow colored carousel dancing around on my screen? Then i realized everything else was frozen and it was truly a horrifying moment. MY MAC WAS DYING. And I’d never even dropped it before! I was completely convinced that i was some sort of electronic jinx and started wondering if i could get a refund on it when everything returned to normal, so i assumed it was some sort of once off thing.

It happened again slightly over a month later, when i was out with PGC. “ITS HAPPENING AGAIN” i yelled, and grabbed the nearest person in fright, who happened to be an unfortunate Su.

“Oh.” She said, knowledgeably. “Thats the Wheel Of Death.”

She said it all casual too, and obviously that scared the crap out of me because she used the word Death in conjunction with my mac. Obviously being a mac newbie i assumed it was the equivalent of the Windows OS Blue screen of Death. After freaking out for a considerable period of time, the PGC informed me that it just meant my mac was lagging.

My first thought was, thank God, its not going to die. Thank God the entire PGC uses MacBooks or i wouldnt have known what to do.

My second thought was that too.

Then slowly, a third thought imposed itself upon me.

My Mac had lagged on me.
It. Lagged.

I felt so cheated. I bought my mac precisely because it wasn’t supposed to lag! Ever! Okay, fine, so it was only one fifth the reason i bought the mac. But one fifth is quite a lot, isn’t it? I mean, your nose is approximately one fifth of your face. If you take that away you’d look like voldermort. And one fifth of the approx 2k i paid for the mac is about 400 bucks. i could do a lot of things with 400 bucks. Fly to bangkok. Twice. And still have ten dollars left for a happy meal, or something.

See what i mean. Deal sites are the way to go man.

Anyway, i mentioned this to a few friends and all of them laughed in my face in a very lol you seriously think your mac won’t lag you think its magic is it kind of way, but i still feel somewhat discomfited by the wheel of death every time it appears. I also don’t know what the point of this post is besides to express my hatred for the wheel of death. Things like that are what gives me trust issues.

Yes yes i know what you’re going to say. What a spoilt brat computer lag also complain what a first world problem some kids don’t even have a computer but hello, i’ve been working on this all day

And being faced with the wheel of death ever so often is not particularly fun when you’re trying to work, okay. It’s incredibly frustrating. And yes, i just used that to conveniently show off my new deck! It’s an internal one i crafted for Havas, on Pinterest, the newest social media kid on the block with pretty impressive statistics for one so young. It’s very pretty and addictive too, very tumblr-ish concept except more adaptable to business models, but you need an invite to get in. They’re not difficult to get though- either request one from pinterest (you should get it in a few days), or alternatively, email me ( and i’d be more than happy to send you an invitation!

I also want to talk a little bit about Pinstagram- the web based equivalent of what would be if Pinterest and Instagram copulated and produced a love child.

Essentially a web based instagram application which also allows you to pull your feed pictures and pin them onto your pinstagram boards. Very visually appealing and easy to use- and so convenient too. I like it a lot better than ink365 and all the other web based interest applications!



Yeah, I’m just gonna keep doing that.

Goodnight, y’all.