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Penny turned 21 this weekend, and held her party in WONDERLAND {original venue has been removed because according to the birthday girl, “wonderland has no venue”}! A little difficult to find, but a great place in terms of setting and atmosphere- theres a lovely al fresco area for private functions on the fourth floor!

Here are a few photos from the Alice in Wonderland party- more to come when i get Yang Qian’s share of the photos because he’s a significantly better photographer and he had all these fancy lenses..

Gorgeous cupcakes from the ben and jerry girls!

Loved the theme- unfortunately it was evident to noone except me that i was supposed to be Alice. Seriously guys, blue dress, blonde hair, headband?? Nevermind. There were a bunch of bunnies who took their outfits very seriously, loved the little details like the pocket watch and blazers. Noone came as the mad hatter, although there were quite a few White Queens. I wanted to come as the Red Queen but i didnt have a red maxi dress..

Anyway, great party with amazing attention paid to decoration and detail. Happiest of 21st, Penny.xx

Im exhausted today, as i so often am these days, which frequently derails my train of thought and renders me incoherent. a few random things:

a picture i drew for the Sony Walkman Z series launch blog entry but forgot to post up..

and here’s a short story I’ve read recently from Joanna Ruocco:

Joanna Ruocco

The realization that my death could never be proved, forensically, to me, was at first a great relief; I’d long resented the foregone conclusion of my dying. Then I began to miss that certainty, irrational as it had been; I sorrowed as we do when any great trust is broken.

I did say short, and i did say i was incoherent.

A last thought before i sink back into oblivion- Iron Man’s on channel five tomorrow night!