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Hi Guys

One of my favorite things about working in media has always been the parties the way nothing is really confined to one genre. I’ve written copy and social media decks for banks, beauty companies, electronics, car companies, architectural firms.. and because of all the background research i do, i come across a lot of weird interesting things.


did you know
when ants are drunk, they always fall over on their right side?!

Ok i was super amazed by this but noone found this funny at all besides yours truly. In any case i don’t know which i take more exception to, the image of a hundred drunk ants falling over to their right or the fact that someone actually bothered to get a bunch of ants drunk. Yeah, bitches be crazy.

Anyway, today while doing research for a new client, i came across this:

wth is this, you may ask? (and rightly so)
it’s called the Lost In Sofa by tokyo based designer daisuke motogi and one of the coolest thing’s I’ve ever seen.
Basically with the Lost In Sofa, you can stick your unfinished book/ pens/ remote controls/ chargers/ cats into any part of the sofa and come back to it later! ok i was kidding about the last one, but still.


its like a freaking black hole of objects! I want one. I’m going to construct one with a bunch of burlap covered rubixcubes.

So in other news you can sort of tell when someone is a sloth when they start talking exclusively and enthusiastically about sofas.

anyway. thanks for all the feedback and compliments over the new layout, although i’d prefer it if you guys didnt keep trying to burst the damn balloons.. they don’t pop, okay. no, that wasn’t a challenge to try it! i’ve got this irrational fear that someone will poke a hole in my site sooner or later.. So yes, still trial and error-ing till i find the perfect layout I’m happy with.

k v tired so abrupt ending right here
goodnight, all