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I slept for 12 hours from 5am-5pm, and you know what this means. 1. i am a sloth, and 2. thats a lot of time for dreaming. You know shit is getting real when you start getting nightmares about things. Last night, I had the strangest nightmare ever about the asiarooms competition we’ve been yakking about the whole of the past three days:

Somehow dreamt that i went for a one on one interview with the asiarooms crew and when i walked in, the interviewer looked exactly like prof. angela, so i cheerfully proceeded to sit down and consult her on five hundred victorian poems or something. After a good two hours, i walked out of the room and saw the rest of the irate competitors waiting there and i sort of gave a little … oh.

this might be a good time to mention that in the dream i was wearing my pajamas with spectacles and no make up on.

Man that was a weird dream. Andrea did not find this funny when i regaled this over dinner- but then again, poor Andrea had a minor altercation with her.. eye.

Poor chong.

With her daddy chong.

So is anyone sick of us rambling on about this competition yet? That’s a little too bad, but the good news is, we’ll be going for the finals tomorrow afternoon. Sure, Chong will look like a pirate blind in one eye, and sure, i might fall asleep because very rarely am i awake in the afternoons, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Right. Right? So one last post, and thank you all who’ve voted, wish us luck for tomorrow! If we do win this thing you’re going to hear a heck load more about it, sorry bout that.

And for those of you who’ve commented, messaged, or started laughing over it very loudly via various social media channels, yes, the BGM in the middle of our video is from Chocobo, and we’re playing a Maplestory clip at the end. More specifically, the music from Henesys Free Market, actually. I was obsessed over maple for a period of time growing up. I was a mage (as all girls are because its the coolest thing available) and i quit after my maple boyfriend made off with all my stuff. What a little cheat. He obviously destroyed my trust in males forever. Really now, rambling about ex virtual boyfriend’s you’ve never met before in real life. Probably not the best time to mention my ex-runescape boyfriend.. This is why you are single, Jem. That and the fact that Chad Dylan Cooper won’t reply the millions of stalkerish emails you’ve sent him.

I’m only kidding.