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Hi Guys

Came home over the weekend brimming with high hopes regarding PRODUCTIVITY and LITERATURE but i quickly realized its a little difficult to get anything done with this baby jumping all over you the minute you walk through the door.


In any case, i had dinner with Edwin, Candice and Martin in celebration of the post-assignment pre-examinations breather.

Right. It was pretty much just an excuse to get together and chill. We went to the Straits Cafe at Hotel Rendezvous just off Prinsep street near Strictly pancakes.

I think i basically ate my worth in salmon
Which was okay because i don’t eat seafood other than fish.
Ergo i had no share in this:

But they looked HUGE.

Ridiculously so. Like mutant monster lobsters.

Check out Candice and her .. er. I don’t know. Some sort of crustacean’s legs.

They also had this durian buffet section which was basically a little glass fridge with a bunch of durian flavored things. But the durian puree which came in this little glass cup was absolutely delish explaining Martin’s expression:


Also the chocolate fondant: Edwin and Martin had so much fun scaring me while i was determinedly trying to poke bananas and grapes on a stick to dip in chocolate FOR THEM. These friends.

Bromance radar going ding ding ding

Afterwhich, prancing around the lobby trying to get a bunch of good shots in the lobby

Pretty lovely evening spent in the company of the most ridiculous/nonsensical friends ever.

I’ve been lounging around wrapped in the WORST post-assignment holiday haze, which isn’t too smart given how the finals start this friday.

Yeah okay so anyway check it out cat

“Camera? Camera? CAMERA!!”

And that wasn’t a strategically positioned distraction at all.

Have a great week, y’all.