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Monday in five:

1. Monday blues
what i woke up at 630am for, the varied shades of blue in meridian. Crashed a literature lecture, caught up with some of the lecturers, terrorized my freshly j1 sister a little. Thinking to myself
this is what a comfort zone feels like
even when you’ve outgrown all the batches and hardly know any students

2. Breakfast for Champs
also, ‘hanging out’ with the bro who’s zipping off to korea for exchange soon, except someone didnt sleep the whole night and sort of high fived the sofa with his face in the middle of the conversation

me: ‘dude what happened to hanging out’
m: ‘we ARE hanging out’
me: ‘no you’re just hanging’


i changed xq’s name on my phone from ‘boyfriend’ to ‘3.142’ recently

xq: ‘you changed my name to.. pi?’

she was not amused
in fact, no one is amused by this
i do not understand
i thought it was hilarious

4. Socialites

pretty productive (IMHO) meeting with the socialites punctuated with my miserable sniffing. Really, if i don’t get well soon, I’m demanding a refund on those medicines. Aside, read up more about the biggest social event of the academic year here. ITS GONNA BE A BLAST and what do you mean I’m just saying it because we’re organizing it, of course not, pshaw.

After WEEKS of attending the wrong tutorial class, i FINALLY made it to the 230pm class today. Every week i sort of end up wandering into the 330pm class really confidently before realizing that this was not the time slot i signed up for.. followed by a “oh you got to be kidding me” to a very amused tutor. Im practically a regular in t6 now, but TODAY. Today everything changed. I MADE IT TO THE RIGHT CLASS.

My life is totally gonna turn itself around and get in organized sequence now guys, i can Feel it.

In other news my entire weekend of medicine induced delirium consisted of being unconscious for most part and considering the color of my hair for the rest. I am so torn between letting it grow back to a full head of black and taking a paintbrush to it, pink and purple and teal weaving into the ombre blonde i already have. Really, you would think an almost-20 year old would have concerns of considerably more gravity, but no. I disappoint myself, but i think i am surprisingly okay with this.

Also, the next color i should dip my nails in. mmmmmmm.