Currently listening to:Cannonball by Damien Rice
Status:Still sick lol

my sad puppy dog / puss in boots face is telling you, GAME ON. My voice tutor said a-ok to postponing my voice presentation (thank God) and I’m just gonna send her one of my voice tapes instead when i get well. So grateful for this, because as of now my voice is still scaring the crap out of whoever speaks to me. Really, voice actor for Thing From The Swamp is totally looking like a viable career option right now.

So i’ve been dropping in and out of consciousness so fluidly, its creeping even me out. after class today at about 3 i went back to my room and sat down, and the next thing i knew it was 530pm. Once again, illogical paranoia regarding Hypersomnia arises, but i quickly brush it off and attribute it to the candy box of medicines I’ve been cheerfully dipping into.

Other things that have been happily occupying main residence in my thoughts include:

I kid you not, I’ve even started a folder entitled FUTURE HOME for reference when i actually get my own place. I am so going to have a walk in shoe cupboard and a personal library also possibly my house will have a balcony that melts into the vast expense of a saltwater lake (ref: pic 3 and 4). Obviously, money is not a concern in my imaginary future. Neither is reality, evidently, given how Singapore has no huge saltwater lake for me to claim for my backyard.

The shoe cupboard and personal library, though, I’m working on it. Ive found it to be the perfect excuse for my excessive shoe/book buying, “but guys, its for my future!“, although some people have tried to talk me out of it. Vehemently. I need to consistently remind myself that i am no longer working full time and my previously self allocated monthly budget of $100 for leisure reading is no longer feasible.