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Pretty epic day.

Played a set today with Marcus and Cindy at Somerset, Scape, for Split Second 2012. The weather was UNFORGIVING. I realize i keep talking about the weather nowadays but i will not apologize for this because it is too in-your-face to ignore, really.

I don’t have the video of the whole thing, but here’s a clip from one of our practice sessions. So fortunate to have such talented friends.

Thank you to the Split Second 2012 committee for inviting us down!

Hid under the shade and waited for Han and Jul to arrive somewhere in scape after the gig, drinking multiple bottles of fruit juice from ToastBox with the vouchers that were in the gift bag. mmm. Halfway through, i fell asleep on the benches and was assaulted by Cindy.

‘lets go’
‘we can’t. we’re waiting’
‘waiting waiting and ever waiting’
‘under this tree’

A moment of pure understanding hit all of us at the same time. WE ARE LIVING BREATHING WAITING FOR GODOT. THERE WAS EVEN A STORE NEARBY SELLING BOOTS. This statement will obviously not make sense to anyone who has not read the play. If you haven’t, uhhhh. Don’t.

Relocating to EWF based on our hungry stomachs, hunger and exhaustion leading to acts of general public disturbance, see cindy and marcus above. also, jul is livin the 2cool4sckl lifestyle with her newly shaved aztec print head.

Yet again, relocating to Cold Stone Creamery which BLACKED OUT right before we stepped in, convincing our very tired minds that we were under a ZOMBIE ATTACK and it was the end of the world. somehow this resulted in me and cindy falling asleep on the tables, and the rest devising a plan to get free ice cream since the freezers had failed with the power outage and all the ice cream was melting. New advantages to dating an ice cream artisan surface everyday, if only for the free ice cream. We had three servings!

Somehow the day sounded a lot more exciting when it was happening. I think this exhaustion filters off all inflection from my type. In other news i am SO addicted to Come Together by John Lennon, so much trippiness in one track. GOT TO BE GOOD LOOKING COS HE’S SO HARD TO SEE, HE GOT JU JU EYEBALLS, HE GOT HOLY ROLLERS, HE GOT.. you get the idea.

i am falling asleep at the computer this is horrible

good night y’all