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All photos in this post taken with the Windows Lumia 800.

Floral Wrap: Pull n Bear
Inner Tube: Far East Plaza
Shorts: Zara
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

After about a million years of A.Chong going “jem can you take a picture of me i want to whatsapp it to imran/show my mum/put it on Facebook” it has occurred to me that i should probably do an outfit post on the resident superstar Andrea Chong with all the material i already have. Really, it only makes sense. I am thinking that this might be a regular thing (look I’ve even created a Lookbook category under my blog subdivisions long term planning or what).

Also today i have realized that the people in my cohort are total coca cola advertisement material.

I saw this and i thought to myself, our school is rather photogenic.
ATTN: Kids of ’93

In other news, am i the only person who doesn’t ‘get’ shaker fries? Everyone’s all excited about their return and the only thing i can think of is…they make me sneeze.

Seriously, when i was in secondary school/JC all my friends would be going crazy over the shaker fries and i would be like 1. i don’t eat seaweed, 2. i can’t eat spicy food, 3. SHAKER FRIES WERE ALL IN SEAWEED/SPICY FLAVORS DURING THAT TIME and 4. i felt like i was being left out of some shaker fries appreciation club or something.

So when they introduced the honey chipotle shaker fries in J2 i got SO excited because FINALLY i would understand this extreme trippy happiness the rest of my peers were all so enraptured by, AND I WOULD BE ONE OF THEM. :’)

Imagine my disillusionment when i tried the honey chipotle shaker fries and all they did was make me sneeze. Life Changing Experience? No. Total Taste-bud epiphany? No. NEW BEST THING AT MACDEES? No, no, and no. All they did was make me sneeze and sneeze till i teared up rather alarmingly in public. It was like the curry sauce crazy all over again (yeah judge away, but i totally don’t get the curry sauce craze either. BBQ sauce all the way please.)

My life is a series of disappointments.