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Status:sick as anything. AGAIN.

Firstly, what is up with my immunity? As a kid i used to fall sick maybe once a year- we’re barely three months into 2012 and I’m sick as anything for the second time. This time i wake up every morning feeling like my brains are going to fall out of a hole at the side of my head. I don’t know where the hole came from. Also my voice is rapidly freefalling into registers only hit by the beatboxer dude in Pentatonix; when Andrea called me yesterday morning she actually thought i brought a guy back to my room. I was so scandalized.

The reason why she called me was (second point of the post) to wake me up for breakfast (at 8am) because we were going Social Painting! When i was traveling out of the lone island known as pulau NTU, thoughts like why didnt i pull out of breakfast and I’m not even hungry kept yelling at me from inside my head. The things i do for you, drea.

1. breakfast at Wild Honey– she had the English breakfast and i had Canadian Pancakes in light of my throat. Also i had this amazing coffee, hazelnut iced latte, which cost a ridiculous 9 dollars and left me speechless on both counts. Just as well, because i don’t have much of a voice now anyway.

2. Andrea with this Thai Thai sign which we found hilarious because we were totally workin the tai tai thing.

Anyway, we were going social painting at the Arteastiq studio with Joyce, Edwin, Rachel and Samantha. Its this gorgeous studio cafe lounge in Mandarin Gallery where you go to have high tea and paint.

See what i said about workin the tai tai vibe.

Arteastiq Tea Lounge By Marxx @ Mandarin Gallery.
Social Painting and High Tea
Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15
333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867
Opens: 11:00 am-10:30 pm Daily
6235 8370

It was both our first attempts at acrylic painting on a canvas, so we were appropriately nervous and excited. Also i kept sneezing which kind of ruined the mood, but whatever.

You can totally tell that i got really lazy towards the end (hello I’d been up since 8am and painting for a good three hours give the sick girl a break) and started ‘cheating’ by splashing black paint everywhere to make the road.

As usual, my workstation was terribly messy to andrea’s horror

And finally! at about 2pm:

Im sulking because i got paint on my hair and knees.

Quite the experience, we felt so culturally enriched after! And, we enjoyed it so much, Drea and i are making this a tri-monthly thing. New hobby in town, y’all.