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all photos above taken using the lumia

1. twilight sky from the car on the way back to my other home in ntu
re: moving back to campus

whatsapp group chat with MS
Bella: anyone wanna go airport in the morning with me tml to eat? 😀
chuinchi: sorry bell!! i have class at 12!
me: sorry bell!! i live in joo bloody koon!

i love my room on campus, honest. its just that moving all my stuff back was a bitch.

2. impromptu supper party last night with ivan, evon and marcius, where the soci boys picked on us literature girls, expecting a coherent protest consisting more than shut up la you suck at 1230am, they are deluded.

3. impromptu dian xiao er with yi ming and his ex roomie, ok they ate and i happily tried to convince everyone to come for the third social event of the academic year, SUPPER HOP. Photos of Xiao long bao making you hungry? Good. RSVP HERE.

4. real lunch with resident queen her royal highness candice at bakerzin + grocery shopping and making plans for our (future) kids to go for high tea together with us in ten years. mmhmm. you may also catch a glimpse of queen candice at the HSS back2school event, maybe even get a hug! RSVP HERE FOR THE BACK2SCH EVENT.

School starts proper tomorrow, i am more excited than reasonably justified for another semester of academic distress. Still, in the coming sem i decided to drop taking subjects that served no purpose other than to make me sound smart and sophisticated (yeah, right) and decided to take Voice instead.

SO. looks like all i’ll be doing in the coming semester: writing, reading, singing, and organizing social events the likes of which you will hear of when the time comes.