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as the poems go into the thousands you
realize that you’ve created very
/Charles Bukowski

Spending my mornings immersed in the words of another and the rest of the day shaking off the effects of. Currently reading Jeanette Winterson’s sexing the cherry, at the same time very taken by the words fluttering from Bukowski’s extraordinary mind. There is no way to post up any of the poems i like best without inciting a stream of concern over my mental or emotional well being, also, it gets tiring trying to defend my choice of poison so lets just leave that battle for another day. And writing, is its own intoxication.

Discovering the horror that is the rapid depletion of all leftover starbucks christmas blends island wide. Also, no more christmas edition cups!

There is also really nothing i can say to this except that there is no conceivable reason to ever visit the canteen ever again.