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Spent the morning catching up with and having breakfast with Marcius at Cedele- fully exploiting the fact that he can drive, obviously. At the rate I’m going, between Andrea and more recently, Candice, i really suspect i can not bother with learning to drive till I’m at least twenty five. THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT.

Cedele Bakery Depot
115 Frankel Avenue, Frankel Estate, Singapore
Tel: +65 6243 2056


‘What do i do with a nineteen year old’, and the solution turned out to be ‘lets go to a playground’ nice as the playground was i am not sure how to react to this, it reminds me of when my (younger) sisters tried to get me to sit in a playhouse and fully expected that to entertain me while they went off to buy sport shoes or something, i don’t recall the exact details.

A large part of the afternoon spent in Bakerzin tampines for high tea with XQ, exchanging new year resolutions, and knighting an innocent looking confection as THE BEST WARM CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER..!!!!! It’s amazing. I kid you not. You have to try it.

Tampines Bakerzin
10 Tampines Central 1, #01-39 Tampines 1, Singapore
Tel: +65 6260 5688

Before she arrived (i was considerably earlier given how she wakes up at 1pm on a regular basis): found myself in one of my favorite situations, nestled alone in cafes insulated from everything else. Sitting in the corner of Bakerzin, a glass wall and earphones separating me from the buzz milling around in the mall outside, calming; the smell of coffee and cake, and i look out and think to myself: All this hustle and bustle and rushing around and aha! -i am not part of it.

In the evening I had dinner with my extended family, the Rodrigues. When you have an uncle who’s a professional piano player, every occasion is an excuse for a karaoke session. An enchanting evening spent in the company of musically talented people, stretching the rusty vocal chords and hoping some of their magic would rub off on me.

Pretty good start to the year, i’d say.