currently listening to:i’ll be home for christmas by frank sinatra

there is a very specific way i like my christmasses- spent wrapped in black, in high ceilinged gilded hotel lobbies singing the soprano aria for christmas carols, clutching a hot latte after and walking down the road lit by a million twinkling lights and simulated walls, the closest we can get to the aurora borealis here in singapore. Lifting my face to the night sky with our last song still resonating in my head/ wishing for snow/ increasingly mesmerized by the lights.

every christmas, significant.

this year though, the first year i didnt carol thanks to my hectic end of year schedule and christmas falling on a sunday, made for a relatively more watered down version of christmas- christmas lunch with the church youths and spending the rest of the afternoon reading the washington post and petapixel after establishing the dismal deterioration of my Tiny wings skills, NO CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOR TREES.

after resigning myself to a pretty disappointing christmas after my last shot at picking it up failed re:

me: (excited) “WANNA WATCH MOULIN ROGUE TOGETHER TONIGHT? We skype and watch on channel5”
me: “blair and dan did that in the last episode of season 4 of gossip girl!! they watched a movie over the phone”

(this significant other is one kind not romantic really)

we ended up setting a time and recon virtual venue, turns out my christmas is going to turn around with a 11pm date, CWTV style with truth beauty freedom and love after all.

merry christmas guys