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Tonight, Cindy and I emceed for both the matinee and evening show of Evocation 2011: The Art of Giving. A choir concert from a truly unique choir, united by their passion for singing and their desire to give in any way possible. All proceeds from the concert tonight goes to the Chee Hoon Kog Moral Home for the Aged. Sometimes, in our modern day hectic lives, we need to take a step back and think for the people we might have left behind.

Charity finds its pockets in goodwill and passion. These kids can sing, so they do. Some of the others are talented DJ-esque in stage lighting and sound systems, so they do that. Us? We talk a lot and grew up in heels- my feet nearly broke from prancing on and off stage in five inch stilettos all night, but thats Cinch and I for you. How about you?

Evokx, a non-profit choral organization directed by Mr Terrence Toh. Find out more about them, their cause, and how you can contribute here.