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two things exactly for this post: 1. december christmas promotion for bonafides beaute and 2. hongkong lookbook

Most of the time when someone puts their arm around me i get all claustrophobic and Ummmmmmm can’t breathe get away please– that’s how non-touchy feely i am. Logically following, i should really hate massages with a burning passion given how they’re a complete diametrical opposite of non-touchy-feely with their hands all over thing ala Maroon Five, but ever since my first one in Phuket earlier this year, i’ve been pretty hooked.

Last month, Bonafides Beaute ran a promotion on their massages for all my readers, and as a December Christmas special, they’re extending it to the end of December!

Quote “Bona Jem 11” to enjoy the promotion- details are as follows:

$38 body massage for 45 mins. (you can opt for the hard kind or gentle kind, i don’t know what you call it)
But if you go with a friend, both of you pay $60 in total!
*terms and conditions apply

This is actually really hard to come by since December is typically the busiest peak period for all businesses, inclusive of beauty chains obviously. So generous of them- not that you didnt already know that given how they’re also my hair and facial sponsors.

Go ahead and give yourself a christmas treat 🙂

Call 67372828 for an appointment!

You are welcome

Hongkong LB after the jump

Hong Kong was a blur of lights, twinkle, and cantonese spent with family. From the second day on, my dad decided to start trying to convince me to learn cantonese (unsuccessfully). After the entire trip i looked in the mirror and thought, AW DAMNIT I’m looking more and more like the dim sum synonymous with this country, which is really rather disturbing.

I also remember looking up and thinking to myself, i am glad i live in Singapore, i love traveling but i will always be glad to return home.