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Thanksgiving part II last night with Jul, Xinyi, Marcus and Albert, turkey in all its cranberry flavored jam and mushroom sauced wonder courtesy of Jul’s mum 🙂

Short post today because i’m (supposed to be) cramming for law tomorrow/later. jemimah wei, i told myself, you remember this moment 12:10am nov 29 where you are dying from cramming 6 months of law into 2 days, and you LIVE AND REPENT.


You know that strange guy up there with the head of long hair and a penchant for short shorts? That’s Marcus, and i assure you he’s a really nice guy in real life despite the dubious frowns i know you’re giving to the computer screen now. He plays in a local band, Feng &Marcus, occasionally ft. Annette, and i thought i’d introduce this ridiculously talented group to you guys. Honestly it’d be criminal not to, and i don’t want to be accused of selfishly hiding such talented friends for my own listening pleasure.

Click here for Marcus’ cover of John Mayer’s Gravity

Click here for Marcus and Annette’s cover of Damien Rice’s 9 Crimes which everyone has been raving over.

Best with headphones on and on the other end of midnight.

Impressed? So am I. Now do them a favor and share them with your friends/ like their Facebook page here to receive updates on where/when they’ll be playing live, because they also do gigs!

You are welcome.

In other news, in anticipation of my nightly roams around campus looking for nice spots to stargaze which generally end up unintentionally spanning hours and leading to long and angry rants re: mosquitoes, Penny BBM-ed me this evening:

Can you feel the love tonight
or what.

I give thanks for the friends i have.