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Hi Guys

Following the enthusiastic response i got over my last DIY food post (the japanese curry and roast chicken, click here), i decided to do another one today. Thanks for all the emails and messages regarding your attempts on following my previous DIY, and you guys really need to stop saying Please do another one! because then i get all excited and go okay!!! and after about two hours… oshite why did i say ok why.

Anyway. This is just a simple brunch- nothing fancy so i hope you weren’t expecting another Henry. Most of you already know that i got a new toaster oven last week, and it’s sparked off this whole chain of excited moving of my pots and pans from home to hall so i can make all sorts of non-canteen food (i blame you for starting this, marcius) and today for brunch i made an open faced toasted .. thing.

What you will need
1. red and green coral lettuce
2. honey cherry tomatoes
3. ham
4. egg
5. bread
6. cheese

EASY TO GET OR WHAT. if this were one of those treasure hunts, all the groups would finish within ten minutes.

1. bonjour milk bread, with ham, cheese, and honey cherry tomatoes sliced down the middle. put on aluminum foil (mainly to keep your tray clean) and into the toaster oven. IT MELTS SO WELL- I’m using the typical Kraft cheese here.

2. while your bread is toasting and your cheese is melting into a delicious heap, do an egg in the style of soft boil.
this one is easy: raw egg, metal tin, hundred degree water, four minutes, cap.

3. this part is fun. crack your egg slowly onto your open-faced toast and be careful not to spill any.
i got the idea from those japanese pastas with the soft egg wobbling around the top in waraku.

4. add your salad (important ok you want nice complexion yes? yes. so eat your veggies.)

and.. ta-daa!


ps. it gets messy.

dinner was a messy sort of stir-fry amalgamation of random ingredients in the room-cheese and cherry tomatoes omelette with stir fried xiao bai cai + salmon grilled toast. came away with two lessons learnt:

1. they really should make those induction cookers more user friendly.
2. cooking ruins your nails.

bon appétit!