Currently listening to:Time by Hans Zimmer
Status:dead. for kafka.

Dinner at A.venue, Cineleisure. With Dan (dressed as Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street) and Fee (dressed as normal and sane civilian).

Conversation early today:

C: Jem you can’t sew can’t clean can’t do house work how are you going to get married like that
Me: you sexist pig, I’ve got plenty of talents ok
C: dazzle me
Me: I make good coffee.
C: Three in one. Not counted.
Me: Im really good at falling down. I mean,have you ever seen me fall? I look freakin awesome when i fall down because i fall WITH STYLE
C: How about…. I’m really good at not falling down?
Me: Screw you.

Ok so besides establishing my dismal marriage prospects (looks like my house robot is more marriable than i am, oh well), i also discovered a new starbucks with pennyberry and got free starbucks from the barista (SCORE!) before dinner with fee and dan.

FINALLY got my salmon fix- those of you who know me will also know that i have such a bad weakness for good salmon, it literally makes me go weak in the knees- and informed dan very solemnly that act-cute-Freddy is infinitely scarier than creepy-Freddy so if he wants that free entry to Zouk’s Halloween Party 2011, he should definitely go with the act cute version. Also, i helped paint the burn marks on Dan/Freddy’s face! Now isn’t that a rare quality every girl should possess. How’s that for marriable now, huh.