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So my diabolical plan to get a free dinner by dressing up as a cat this halloween failed and noone fed me milk and fish as per expectations, but i do make a rather adequate cat, even if i do say so myself. It is also probably worth noting that using eyeliner all over my hands for paws make me highly dangerous to all the surrounding people (it smudges, who knew!!). Amanda, Jul, Shane and Marcus all got a fair share of my paws and nose all over their arms.

Expected to be a zombie sans need for costume thanks to last night’s exploits with Melissa- two am walk alone, getting really lost for over an hour, meeting Mel ft. guitar and having a ball till daybreak and beyond, but hey whaddaya know! By 6pm i was all better. Thank you, Epiphany, for organizing the first ever Halloween party I’ve attended (ok, don’t laugh).

Would also like to clarify: after about the seventh person commented on my cattiness this Halloween, i need to make it clear that I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE CUTE FLUFFY KIND OF KITTEN OK, NOT .. THE OTHER KIND. Pastors daughter in the house ok don’t mess.

Happy Halloween, kids!