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my life right now, ft. Starbucks.

Have been running around school terrorizing random people by asking them, hi, are you from HSS? followed by are YOU coming for HSS movie night? are you? are you? are you???? Sorry guys. Its the coffee, i swear. Im usually quieter. Ha.

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In other news, the afternoon saw me trippin down to Somerset for my midweek relaxation, a spa session sponsored by Bonafides Beaute!

No photos, because who brings a camera into a spa, i ask you, who.
It was amazing though- their spa section made me feel like i was back in Phuket, no, better, more luxurious, i felt completely comfy and so.. relaxed.. after that. Thank you, captain obvious, you say, but i don’t know how else to express the sheer luxury of midweek indulgence despite calling myself a lit major SHAME ON YOU JEMIMAH SHAME ON YOU.

If you see me tomorrow i’ll probably be smiling to myself in a mmmhmmm check out my chill aura kinda way, so there’s your evidence. I always love going down to Bonafides because their service is so personalized and intricate that it surprises me every time even though i really should be expecting it by now: color me impressed.

Call 67372828 for an appointment!
(HSS students, we have something in store for you so don’t forget to redeem your exam welfare goodie bags, wink.)