Okay so I’m pretty sure everyone must be going she sure doesn’t have anything better to do and questioning my suspiciously excessive amount of free time but hey, they were so adorable and i couldn’t resist. Dinner with 80% Mia Sorelle and 100% MB on Saturday night was full of reminiscing our Anglican High School Musical times (don’t mess with us ok theres not a star in heaven that we can’t reach)and catching up on school and.. well. Army. As usual.

Besides the boys whining about wanting to go play pool and squirming under our insistent dredging up of old and possibly embarrassing memories, it was a really good dinner! I mean, we all ate a lot but we probably burned it off with all that laughing. Right. Anyway, i suddenly seem to recall a whole lot of videos taken during rehearsal period for AHSM when Jenna turned to me and went Jem, this is gold, someday you will thank the day you videoed the boys dancing to We’re All In This Together, and Bam- i have perfect blackmail material on my hands.

Bop to the top, anyone?