Currently listening to:Elephants by Rachel Yamagata

If the elephants have past lives yet are destined to always remember
It’s no wonder how they scream
Like you and I they must have some temper
Elephants/ Rachel Yamagata

Sitting at starbucks@NTU, 11:58pm
smells like coffee i smell like coffee COFFEE SMELLING PARTICLES HAVE EMBEDDED THEMSELVES IN MY PULLOVER i smell wonderfully coffeelike
the steady stream of students have slowed to a trickle and i’ve stopped getting death glares from hopeful students waiting for us to vacate our seats
the baristas have started singing to each other cheerfully

its quite cute to watch

its been raining over here so we’re all reaching in our closets and bringing out the long sleeves and pullovers, wrapping ourselves in them and squinting at the trees till we can (sort of) pretend we’re a seasonal country and that it’s fall now. between that and the intense comfort of the global lounge, i’ve sort of relapsed into my starbucks addiction, like I just walked into the queue and caught an affliction.
i don’t even know why I’m getting all emotional about starbucks
if starbucks were a person i might turn all 21st century girl and go ask it for its number

or something.

need to get starbucks administered in moderate doses, because with each caffeine shot my eyes get larger and larger until they look like the O in STARBUCKS COFFEE and i start getting all excited about planning my calendar around starbucks seasons ie. CHRISTMAS BLENDS and strategic places to go get them early, knowing exactly when which outlets of starbucks will start playing obnoxiously loud chinese new year music (and avoiding them), figuring out which ones are twenty four seven and carving our names into the tables

after i sniffed the air today and announced that mmm its storming out there, smells like starbucks weather i decided that

my life probably needs to stop revolving around starbucks.

anyway, thanks all for the nice emails/tweets on my psycho bitch dishwasher post, and to those of you that suggested that i try using a dishwasher again to see what happens this time i say thanks for the suggestion but no thank you.

ok now I’m just rambling because I’m tired and the coffee is perching on my brain like an owl making me want to ramble on and on about everything i see like THAT PERSON IN THE CORNER EATING A STARBUCKS BAGEL MMMMMMMM ok stop.

will announce the winners of the lactacyd giveaway soon, thanks for all the entries!