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About three weeks ago, I received a huge pink package courier from Lactacyd Singapore!

It was a goodie bag as part of their Lactacyd Intimate Bloggers Campaign.

Basically, Lactacyd singapore launched their Lactacyd Intimate line catering specifically to ladies and their V-zones.

Those of you who know me will know that I’m really, uh. Conservative. I don’t like talking about bits and pieces of other people’s bodies/body parts online or offline, particularly.. zones.. and what not. My jc literature class used to get really annoyed with me and my stubborn refusal to discuss certain themes and said i was born in awkward turtle land.. but i digress.

Anyway, (and please ignore my cyber-blushing) the Lactacyd Intimate line was launched based on the research and studies of the different PH values in different parts of your body. Ie. You use shampoo for your hair and facial products for your face instead of generic body soap, so WHY use generic body soap for the rest of your body too?

Therefore presenting

Lactacyd Intimate feminine wash and wipes!

Ok so i usually wouldn’t just believe any brand that decides to spin off some line of feminine products, even if it were a reputable brand like Dove (sorry Dove i still love you ok), especially if they put the word intimate in it- hello, intimate ok why should i anyhow trust you- but this is Lactacyd. Ever since i was a kid, my sisters and I have grown up using Lactacyd body soap and facial wash precisely because of their specialization in the PH field. Their products are always mild and skin-sensitive, which is perfect because my sisters and I have sensitive skin. also agrees that they’re the world’s number one feminine hygiene brand.

Sooooooo .. ok. I tried it out for about a month and came to the conclusion that it feels and smells way more gentle than normal body soap. But that’s not basis enough to change your entire showering regime- until you realize that there are two more key ingredients in the solution: Lactic Acid and Lactoserum, which basically protects you against infections and bacterial buildups, and trust me you do not want to get infections and whatnot… wherever.

Not convinced? Try it out yourself for free here-
(They’re giving out free samples for a limited period of time)

The Giveaway Bit

In addition to that, three of you will stand a chance to win a huge pink goodie bag from Lactacyd Singapore as well. All you have to do is email me at and tell me WHY you would use Lactacyd Intimate.

I would use Lactacyd Intimate because i don’t want to grow mushrooms in my v-zone.

ETCETERA ETCETERA. Hahah yes i know, disturbing right. Sorry it’s the 4:30am talking. Also, top that.

I’ll select the three most creative/interesting/funny answers and they’ll get published! + you get that pink goodie bag mailed to you courtesy of Lactacyd Singapore.

That’s it!
oh yeah and, uh. Stay clean.