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First up, guys. If you guys have been following the news, you’ve probably heard of Nabillah Jalal. If you haven’t, take a minute to get up to speed here.

Done? Welcome back.

Nabs is one of the twenty students annually to be offered a place in the London Royal College of Music Keyboard department worldwide, and it is virtually unheard of for someone who hasn’t taken music at an A level or diploma level to be accepted. Pretty much well on her way to becoming our national pride after captivating the RCM director and professor at the audition, except for one thing- her family can’t afford the fees.

Im therefore doing a shoutout for her: she’s already applied for several funds and scholarships but she hasn’t received any concrete financial support. If anyone out there reading this wants to help in any way, you can reach her here:

a few more details

School fees: £19 200 (annually)
Estimate living expenses (based on RCM’s guide): £10 000 (annually)

Total amount requested: Full scholarship for 4-year course: £116, 800

Other graduates from RCM include Andrew Lloyd Webber (Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Love never Dies) and Vanessa Mae. Past local graduates have also made significant attempts to further the Singapore Arts Scene by initiating a tie-up program between NAFA and RCM, but its worlds apart from living the real experience.
COME ON, GUYS, SUPPORT LOCAL TALENT. And even if you can’t help financially, i’m sure she’d appreciate it if you dropped her a tweet of encouragement/support @Nabillah with the hashtag #nabsforRCM. 🙂

now run and tell that.