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Party crasher.

Finishing off January with the 8th, poking floating bits of food trying to figure out if they were cooked, making up words to lau yu sheng (is that how you say it?) and getting chased out by the security guard. Never a dull moment.

It’s only the first month, but so much has happened, feels like its been an entire year condensed into thirty one days.

books I’ve read in january
sexing the cherry
one day
hunger games
catching fire
the odyssey
the epic of gilgamesh
The law of second marriages
Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares
Battle Royale

Leon the professional
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
We not naughty
BBC’s Sherlock Holmes
Game of Thrones
(resumed) The Vampire Diaries 3
(resumed) Gossip Girl 5

Satisfied. I just started BBC’s Sherlock Holmes The TV Series today, and it is SO GOOD. Also, i got a pleasant surprise this morning- the poem i was so obsessed by some time back is being used as part of our readings: One Art, by Elizabeth Bishop. This doesn’t happen often, but i think i have run out of things to say, rather, too exhausted to form coherent though. Feels as though i am swimming through thick treacle, and all that sounds good to me now is warm coffee, a furry throw, and Sherlock. mmm.

Can you believe its week 4? Cause i can’t.

Here’s to January, you all.