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Hair, an ombre in blonde and chocolate, sponsored by Bonafides Beaute. Photography by the talented Apostrofee (Errfee Azharr). You can view his online graphic design/photography portfolio here and flickr here.

You can’t tell from the photographs, but there are seven different colors in my hair. That girl from the McFly song aint got nothing on me.

So anyway, as of this month, Bonafides Beaute is now my official sponsor for hair, nails, face, and general chillness in life due to massages as seen on my sidebar haha. When the deal was sealed i ran around and jumped up and down on my bed before googling about two hundred different hairstyles. This one’s done in ombre, which means a dark to light gradient, you can see variations of the ombre hairstyle here and here. The colors in my hair range from a dark chocolate brown and chestnut brown to copper, ash blonde, honey, strawberry blonde and streaks of platinum. It’s not immediately obvious but i like that because it catches the light differently every time you look at it and it’s so pretty in the sun ^^

Anyway, a little about Bonafides Beaute- they’ve been around for 22 years already and are pretty much a household name in the beauty industry (i checked, i asked my twinkle nails manicurist lol). There are six branches in Singapore but the main one is at Centerpoint, Somerset, which means you can go do your hair/nails then go shop at H&M with fabber hair than everyone else haha! Besides hair, they also do nails, facials, massages, spas, and so on. The Centerpoint outlet houses 23 treatment rooms which is quite incredible because it doesn’t look that big from the outside.

And here’s the part that you all probably were waiting for, following up from my previous Friends With Benefits post where i am friend and ergo i bring you benefits:

$48 for any one:

1. 45mins Radiance Face Treatment worth $108
2. 45mins Relaxing Body Massage worth $78
3. 90mins Classic Mani + Pedi worth $66
4. 90mins Hair Color worth $70 (T&C applies: extra $10-20 for hair length below shoulder)

*Hair and nail services only at Bonafides Prestige- the somerset outlet.
**Terms and conditions apply, call them up to check.

You need to quote “Bona Jem 11” to enjoy the promotions, and since they’re rather popular i’d suggest you call up 67372828 to book an appointment. This promotion only lasts for one month till the 11th of October, so hurry! I personally feel that the hair coloring promotion is super worth it because i’ve asked around and i know dyeing your hair can get super expensive even with promotions. You can (and should) also like their facebook page here so you can be notified of more promotions.

Rest of the photoshoot photos after the jump.

(im doing this because it was freaking scary ok im scared of heights and i had to sit on a ledge. IT WAS SO HIGH. everything below was so SMALL if i had toppled over i would have died, superhero hair or no.)

#1: Cream pullover: topman, jeans: MNG, Black suede wedges: random boutique in soho new york, sunglasses: H&M New York.
#2: baseball jacket: IRIS basic, New York, Sunglasses in the baseball jacket photos: Michael Kors.

The hairstylist who did my hair was called Jeez (at least, thats what it sounded like) and he is really good with creative cuts- i was initially looking for more of a full on platinum ombre but he said it would be too damaging so he improvised and streaked it with highlights and lowlights instead. The thing i like about Bonafides (besides being thoroughly pampered hahahahah) is how personalized they are, halfway through the bleaching process Sylvonne (PR rep for Bonafides) popped in and presented me with a row of Yakult bottles because she read that i liked yakult on my blog! omg how nice is that. I adore her.

I’ll post up the entire process of ombre-ing my hair (which took six hours okay) another day, you guys will probably like it because the photos are so amusing haha and it’s quite incredibly done.

Thankyou Bonafides Beaute!